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The Summer Rec is a project that Daran Carlin-Weber is developing to pitch. The entire story has been developed as an animatic, and many parts have been keyed and animated.

Please share the link on facebook if you think it deserves exposure. Donate if you want to see the full animatic. get yourself featured as a kid in the rec center, and get some signed awesome shit!

Check out Summer Rec's Pilot Episode Preview!!

Streaming animation work!

2011-11-07 18:13:50 by MarcK

In case anyones interested in watching an animation/drawing/gestural process in flash I'll be doing that all night. Hopefully my internet behaves. this is the first time im braving a stream on this internet.

Discussion, occasional music, sketch requests if youre so inclined, etc. Doing my animation homework in flash. Feel free to join in on the FUN!!!!
this is what im working on:

Also in the early working on a collaborative piece with Jason Schlosser, a Philadelphian poet who's book Mudcakes was recently released, so if anyone's interested in personal narrative poetry I might be doing some visualization work on it. /

Streaming animation work!

Streaming Live Now!

2011-10-16 13:48:23 by MarcK

Animating hentais of myself
Watch it here I was gonna post Fuck you but i thought thatd be rude :S
Heres my websight!/

Streaming Live Now!

Marc Week 2011 & New Website!

2011-08-08 16:04:01 by MarcK

Marc Week 2011 Poll/
My Sister and her boyfriend made an entry for this contest. Vote for Option B!

Also I have a new portfolio Website on Tumblr, DeviantArt, and Artician!

I'll be actively updating sketches, drawings, and clips I make on all of these.

Happy Arting!

Marc Week 2011 & New Website!

To whom it may concern

2011-06-17 17:59:31 by MarcK

Hello children and young adults who scan through the news feeds every day for something interesting! I've been warming up to the summer having achieved a summer internship at moreframes studio. Hopefully the stuff we're working on now will get released soon and I'll be able to post all of those fun tests I've been working on!

I've spent most of my time the past months playing League of Legends, but somehow finding this isnt a productive hobby I'm hopefully getting back into the casual animating sort of groove again, starting with the several little clips I've been pumping and pimping out at the studio. I'll post some soon and get to doing a short thing today.

So expect many more uploads and activity out of me, because I havent done anything in a while!
below is the first watercolor painting I did last week. I enjoy the medium so I'll be doing it a lot more!

To whom it may concern

Livestreaming Now: Animating

2010-12-12 23:42:25 by MarcK

If you feel like watching an amateur animate or have some advice for my technique or enjoy looking at sloppy animation in progress, check out my livestream now. I'll be doing this really frequently next week through january or february because I have a comission. I hope you can join for now though!

In other news a new C-Rock album came out and its fucking hilarious. A juggalo trying to make music as best he can. Album cover below. This isnt copyrighted stuff. please share this link with friends.

Livestreaming Now: Animating

Demo Reels are Super fun

2010-09-01 03:21:15 by MarcK

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I made a demo reel for a small job opportunity as a junior at Aniboom Virtual Studio, also for qualification into the advanced animation classes at edinboro university of PA.

Summer was lazy, hardly did anything.
thats the news


My time at Edinboro University as a freshman is about over. Time to reflect.
Procrastination, made lychgate in a moth (nice month), got acquainted heavily with traditional animation. Made a sloppy final in 3 days for animation class. That's about it. I was in an animation class with Ixintro and it was all happy and fun.

/* */
The above one was for a choice project in animation.
I'll upload my final when it's near acceptable.
I did a lot in drawing class. The teacher I got was difficult, but he taught me fuckloads.

Time to get some animation done over the summer.

My Knowledgebrain is Well Nourished

Eating Stillborns.

2009-11-29 19:59:04 by MarcK

Hello Newgrounds!
I'm very glad and proud to see the results of how lychgate has done. I am more than satisfied with 3rd scariest and front page feature for 3 days. I would have liked to see how I placed in the overall standings below 5th though. It was a good competition and I cannot wait until next year.

But that's in the past, dear readers, for I must be thinking about the next project I will be undertaking. I have 5 ideas in my head for different movies, and one of them screenplayed. My next super serious project would be with as much frame-by-frame action and detail as I can put in. Little tweening, keeping it on a completely necessary level.

NG Alphas come out re-released in december at some point, so maybe I can upload some sketches, ideas and story whenever I decide on what I'm doing.

I will be making a switch to cs4, only flash and photoshop. I will also be getting after effects cs4 and learning as much as fucking possible of this beautiful program.

I will be finishing half of the important foundations courses of the accredited edinboro university art program and have already signed up for beginning animation and more studio classes. I will still try to find the time to do another project though.

I will be creating a new flash-based website. By my next project I plan to have the domain and a hosted array of flash pages.

The cats, "Bonkers Whore Spawn #s 1 and 2" were named "Grandma and Grandpa." I learned recently however that Grandpa was beheaded somehow while everyone was out of the room. I'm not changing the credits of Lychgate though. I'm not putting forth more effort just so a cat can disappear from the earth entirely.

I love you all.


Huzzah for Halloween!!

2009-10-31 14:01:56 by MarcK

Wow it's been a week of firsts for me.

1st post on the front page of newgrounds. An ability I had just acheived.

1st animation to exceed a score of 4, which then dropped to 3.98, but might rise back up again, I can only hope.

1st animation to win daily top 5 on newgrounds. I got a little trophy on my account that I am DAMN FUCKING PROUD OF.

1st animation submitted that exceeded 2 minutes AND done in the smallest amount of time (5 weeks) due to what has been described as 'good tweening.'

1st animation to contain gore or violence or any other halloween theme: The first of many.

1st halloween away from home in the college dorms.

EDIT 11/3/09: Another big first: 1st animation featured on Newgrounds front page. Thank you NG Staff!

Eventful week!

If you were scanning the frontpage posts and came across mine, and happened to not check out Lychgate, my Halloween 2009 submission, I ask you check it out and tell me what you think of it. I'm all ears. Or eyes for that matter. I hope you enjoy it. In terms of the competition it seems I'm at a steady 13th or 12th place, which I think is really good on account of the other high quality submissions. Who knows what will happen in a week.

Congrats and thanks to my 2 animating friends Ixintro and Tim Knopf, both of whose movies you need to see now if you haven't gotten to it.

Another thanks to Heroin Slug for the beautiful sounds.

In my next movies I'll be having a VAST majority of the content be frame-by-frame. Tweens are nice but they make me look lazy I think. I'd only do them when they're necessary or the deadline is coming close.

Okay so happy Halloween Newgrounds!