Entry #14

Check out Summer Rec's Pilot Episode Preview!!

2012-05-08 21:27:44 by MarcK

The Summer Rec is a project that Daran Carlin-Weber is developing to pitch. The entire story has been developed as an animatic, and many parts have been keyed and animated.

Please share the link on facebook if you think it deserves exposure. Donate if you want to see the full animatic. get yourself featured as a kid in the rec center, and get some signed awesome shit!

Check out Summer Rec's Pilot Episode Preview!!


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2012-05-08 23:15:31

This looks like somthing you'd see on cartoon netwrk. Nice dude. NIIIIICCCCCEEEE


2012-05-10 04:34:42

ay chent whaittt to se it :D


2012-05-10 05:05:30

Thanks man B)


2012-05-10 05:18:55

I'd do a front page post too, but for some reason when I did it, even when I clicked the thing that enables front page posting, it never showed up on the page!